Shoes User's Guide

Because no chemical that may disrupt the naturalness of the skin is used in shoes, the natural color of the skin can cause coloring. Unless specifically stated, this shoe should not be used in extreme watery conditions if water-resistant or water-repellent feature "Grotex" or "Water proof" is not specified. Products with top or edge stitching can take water from the seams and pores. Dark colouring might occur in light coloured (taba, beige, mink, gray, green etc.) natural skins. In addition, due to dust, sweating and environmental factors, such shoes may also change color. Shoe surface should be cleaned from dust, mud etc. with a soft cloth or brush. Since florantic and patent leathers are sensitive, there might be some creases on the curves of the foot. Products based on leather, suede and nubuck should not be used in rainy and snowy weather. For long-lasting use, shoes should be worn at 2-day intervals. Wet damp shoes should be dried at room temperature, not under the heat or the sun. Hand washing or washing the sports and linen products in the washing machine will damage the shoe. Lame, dore printed, tanning and patent leather products can be deformed due to blow and friction. If the laces of lace-up shoes are used without unlacing, it causes the outer inner skin to be ruptured. Shoe must fit to the size of feet. The shoes, which is smaller or larger than the feet can quickly deform. When the shoe is received from the cargo, it must be tried on as a pair. After purchasing the shoes, they must be tried on at home to check whether they fit your feet. Hand washing or washing in the washing machine the cloth, leather, synthetic products will damage the bag. The bags must be kept in their special cases.

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